PortableTrac installation

Installation to Windows Server 2003 / Windows Server 2008 / Windows 7 / Windows 8, and the above versions of Windows is recommended. Windows XP and below is not full supported.

1 minute tutorial

  1. Download the newest version of PortableTrac:;
  1. Uncompress it into a folder: such as C:\PortableTrac(Or other your favorite folder name);
  1. Open a command prompt windows, cd C:\PortableTrac;
  1. run passwd admin 111111;
    • This command create admin's password as 111111;
    • The example: screenshot;
  1. run tracd 8080 default
    • This command start tracd for "default" environment, at port 8080;
    • See the screenshots pic1, pic2;
  1. Open browser and navigate to http://localhost:8080.

Subversion Intergration is not supported in Windows XP

Run trac with apache httpd

If you finish the 1 minute tutorial(see above), you can easy start the apache httpd just run the batch file start-httpd.cmd;

  • The default port of apache httpd is 80, so you can access the Trac with URL http://localhost/;
  • start-httpd.cmd create a virtual disk drive B: for make apache httpd running portable(The idea from The Mini Servers);
  • process started with apache httpd is apache rotatelogs command line pipe(rotatelogs.exe), which break up apache logs into daily, configurated in httpd.conf:
    ErrorLog "|B:/Apache2.2/bin/rotatelogs.exe B:/Apache2.2/logs/error_%Y_%m_%d.log 86400 480″
    CustomLog "|B:/Apache2.2/bin/rotatelogs B:/Apache2.2/logs/%Y_%m_%d.access.log 86400 480" common

Apache httpd is not supported in Windows XP

Change the default password of admin

After login(screenshot), you can change the admin's password by link http://localhost/default/prefs/account(screenshot);

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