PortableTrac and thinkbase.net - upgrade to Python 2.7.4

Original plan was upgrade to Portable Python, unfortunately this version is incompatible to mod_wsgi(See below error screenshot), the error message in stdout is :

>>> call "I:\thinkbase.net\github\PortableTrac\httpd\Apache2.2\bin\httpd.exe"
httpd.exe: Syntax error on line 504 of I:/thinkbase.net/github/PortableTrac/httpd/Apache2.2/conf/httpd.conf: Cannot load B:/Apache2.2/modules/mod_wsgi-win32-ap22py27-3.3.so into server: \xb6\xaf\xcc\xac\xc1\xb4\xbd\xd3\xbf\xe2(DLL)\xb3\xf5\xca\xbc\xbb\xaf\xc0\xfd\xb3\xcc\xca\xa7\xb0\xdc\xa1\xa3

The reason is the version of the Microsoft C/C++ compiler(http://code.google.com/p/modwsgi/wiki/InstallationOnWindows#Compiling_From_Source_Code To compile from source code you will need Microsoft C/C++ compiler for Windows. This must be the same version of the compiler as used to build the version of Python being used.).

So finally we chose the official python distribution(Python 2.7.4) and embeded the python runtime into PortableTrac, this is the construction of embeded python runtime, following is the way to embed official python:

  1. Download Python 2.7.4 Windows Installer''(python-2.7.4.msi)'', and install it to C:\Python27(Or else other folder you like);
  1. Download setuptools 0.6c11''(setuptools-0.6c11.win32-py2.7.exe)'' and install it.
  1. Copy files and folders in C:\Python27 into PortableTrac's PortablePython\App folder;
    • Before copy, delete *.pyc and *.pyo files;
  1. Copy %windir%\system32\python27.dll into PortableTrac's PortablePython\App folder;
  1. To make it work on Windows XP, copy following files into PortablePython\App folder:
    • VC90.CRT:
    • The manifest(PortablePython\App\Microsoft.VC90.CRT.manifest), Copy from:
  1. That's all, we commit the whole python runtime into PortableTrac Repository.

The benefit of embeding python runtime is the easy-trac-deploy: Just download from Github and uncompress it, python runtime is there ready.

Please follow the installation guide, download, then play it, best regards!

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